Rudolph & Sybil

I met Rudolph around 5 years back , he was a photo enthusiast and I was starting out as a full time photographer. He used to join me for the photo shoots , still remember how we joked about me being his wedding photographer when he would get married !

Years later, our friendship continued to grow, I moved across the globe, he met Sybil and proposed her for the marriage! And one day got a call from him asking for working as photographer for their wedding ,there was no way I could not do this. We worked out the details and I was on board as their wedding photographer!

For me 2017 started with a great note, got to cover this special wedding! Can’t thank both of them enough for giving me an opportunity to document the most important day in their lives and making me feel part of the family! I really hope that these pictures rightly reflect the wonderful wedding set up, energy and amazing people! Sharing few of my favorite shots here.

  • Rudolph

    Thank you Shilpa, Awesome Memories

    • Color Shot Studio

      You are most welcome Rudolph!

  • Bhushan jain

    Very good creativity and Shilpa u r best in ur photography 

    • Color Shot Studio

      Thank you Bhushan !

  • Sonali kulkarni

    Wonderful clickstreams ,you are the best..!

    • Color Shot Studio

      Thank you Sonali !

  • Mahesh Deshpande

    Wonderful clicks Shilpa! Keep it up dear!!

    • Color Shot Studio

      Thank you Mahesh