My love for capturing people comes from being really a people person.

I grew up in a large family so being comfortable with people is natural to me. Left home at an early age and started living independently for college, I used to be always surrounded by friends with different languages. That’s how I learnt to get along with people from various cultures and lifestyles. Impactful people photography for me is a combination of photographer’s observation and their comfort level with people they are photographing.

When I left my flourishing career in technology to pursue photography, I had no idea what exactly I am going to specialize in, what kind of photographs I am going to deliver. Just had a passion for the craft and strong artistic inclination towards capturing everyday things, people, their emotions and most importantly beauty of this wonderful world.

To capture the real moment, photographer should feel the moment rather than just seeing it. To be able to connect with different people, families and cultures is what I love most about my job! You all making me feel part of your family when I photograph an important event for you is a great responsibility.

Your trust in my perspective when it comes to creating lifelong memories for you is huge! That’s why I like my photographs to be as authentic as possible, they should rightly reflect the essence of an event including all the details, people involved and efforts you put together in execution!

I like capturing the celebration as it naturally unfolds, without being noticed and disturbing the guests. And my aim is to deliver proper mix of must have posed & candid pictures.

The joy of seeing all my happy clients lost in their photo gallery is my biggest motivation and that’s what helps to me stretch my creativity and outdo myself in every frame I click!

If you wish to work with me, please drop a note through the contact page or shoot an email to shilpa@colorshotstudio.com , I will be honored to share your special day and look forward to creating wonderful memories for you !

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