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Hello There! I am Shilpa Pradhan, the face behind Color Shot Studio!

I am an engineer and worked as an IT Professional for 12 years before getting into fulltime photography.

My interest in art and creativity dates back to my earliest years in school. Without realizing it at a young age, I would spend hours painting a world around and get totally engrossed in it.

Pleasing color combinations, the play of light & shadows, textures began to catch my attention before I knew it. Later I picked up photography as a hobby, it just used to be my favorite pass time and medium of documenting beautiful things I have seen and felt. Soon it became a passion and five years ago, I decided to take a break from my IT career and start Color Shot Studio!

My photography is authentic; I focus on your candid and spontaneous pictures. The effort is to create real, sincere, and fun memories for you, which will get you nostalgic years from now, the memories of all those emotions, atmosphere, and the feeling of being loved and being together! The joy of seeing my happy clients lost in their photo gallery is my biggest motivation, and that's what helps to stretch my creativity and outdo myself in every frame I click!

Do you think I might be a good fit for your photography needs? Drop me a note; I will be honored to share your special day and look forward to creating wonderful memories for you!

- I am married to my best friend and a mom of an amazing daughter

- I am a dog person

- I love Thai food, tea, music, reading, gardening and outdoor walks

- I am a perfectionist and also a huge procrastinator

- I love watching movies and documentaries, language no bar!

- I am happiest when I am with people!

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