November 8, 2019

Family Memoire, importance of taking more photos !

Thanks to our busy schedules, it feels like time flies, years are going by faster and faster! Everything is changing so rapidly; before you know it kids are all grown up! So all the time you have together as a family is priceless, capture these memories with a photo! Get your family photoshoot done once in a year! Here are few reasons to help you understand why and how we should take photos … 

Creating Memories and Document Progress

We are our past experiences. Our family, friends, places we visit, people we work with contribute to our evolution and our life. Photos are a great way to document these things. That’s why looking back at old photos is such a heartning experience! It’s also a great way to restore bonds! Our family and life changes for reasons such as marriage, birth, loved ones passing away, close ones moving far away. Photos are a great way to record those changes and creating memories along the way.

Creating Heirloom

When we look at the old photo albums , memories flood the mind recounting stories from younger years , people and life at that time. While taking photos you might just not care about photos of you but your children , grand children and future generations will be really happy to have pictures of you to remember you by

Investing in High Quality Photos and Prints

In today’s world of cell phone cameras and selfies, we don’t feel the need of having photos taken professionally or investing in quality prints.We think that adding a cool filter on photos makes them as good as a professional one. While that may be true for fun but when it comes to creating something classic and long lasting , investing in a professional is a good idea. Professional photographers have years of training and experience in posing, lighting and editing than ready to use filters and wiki-hows. They can help you create something very beautiful and long lasting pictures as well as prints and photo books.

So when are you thinking of having your next family photoshoot? Sharing few of my favorite family photos here! Happy Holidays everyone!


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